Sunday, January 16, 2005

For the inquisitive ones
The moderately bored me is always on the look out for interesting new sites. The latest one which kept me occupied for a fair fraction of yesterday was this one. The site allows one to play the age old and popular game of 20 Questions. I was really impressed by the performance of the AI engine. I thought of 'porcupine", which it got in 20 tries; challenged it next with a 'deer' (actually I was being mean and initially thought of an 'impala' but accepted the deer for an answer as well) and that took 24 questions; tried 'headphones' and that was conquered by question number 14. Sub and Dipu tested it too and the program emerged victorious with 'potato', 'lettuce' etc. It failed for 'wireless card' but then I thought we were being unfair when we gave that. So try it out if you have some time to spare and lemme know if you confused it with anything common.

P.S. If any Bengali speaking person is reading this post try out this link (click on the song Bengali Lullaby once you reach the site). It is hilarious with a capital H.

Jesus H Christ!!!! where did you hunt up this one. Please pay for the medical bills- my guts have all fallen out laughing.
egg-plant / brinjal
Hey it got quetzal in its 25th attempt :)
i'll say that is good :) i wouldn't have guessed quetzel in even 35 attempts :( On the topic of 20 Q - we were once playing 20 Q on the way back to Pilani and this girl thought of Colonel Sanders (of KFC) and when we asked her "has this person affected the American Economy in big way?" she said "Yes". We spent the next 20 minutes naming every American businessman before giving up.
:-D thank God i was not part of that 20Q gang...if you hadn't mentioned KFC on the side, i would have been wondering if Col.Sanders was in the army that fought against Gen. Rommel in WWII :(
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