Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Getting some direction
Don't you hate it when it's an empty road and you are the only person walking on it and suddenly a car stops next to you. The window rolls down and you instantly know it's a lost cause. "Do you know the way to Wayman Street?" You suddenly feel important; these people depend on you; you are the walking lighthouse to these talking folks. BUT then it hits you that you have no freakin clue where Wayman Street is. However, you have already spent five seconds of valuable time gloating in self glory, giving these folks the impression that you are their man. You can't just say NO then. You have to impart some knowledge. So you put on a confused expression on your face, pretending to make the final decision between two final options. The fact, however, is that you are searching for a place to hide. Thinking that you should have told them "No Englees speak" straight away. Given your brown skin, they would have believed you; everybody would have been happy. Ooops! Ten seconds gone. Your audience shows the first signs of restlessness. Now they are doubting you. You are no longer the man. BUT you can still be. "Accept defeat you ignorant arse" your inner voice shouts, "Mom always told you there is no shame in honest defeat." What, why am I thinking abt my mom now? I should focus on Wayman Street. Fifteen seconds up. You frantically start speaking. "I THINK it's to the left. You go there and then turn right OR ... hmmm ... no maybe it's another left ... you know what ... uuuuh ... I think it's the right". The glass rolls up. They even say a "thank you". You know they dint mean it and you know you dint mean a word of what you spurted out either. "Maybe it wasn't that bad," you tell yourself. "Yeah, sure. You wish," the inner voice meddles again.

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