Saturday, January 15, 2005

This really funnny thing happened yesterday. I thought of adopting brevity and just making this a two line post but figured that it appeared as if I was making it up. So moi shall make use of the spare time I have right now and give the premise to the two line incident as well. Incidentally, the person concerned has given me full approval to put it on my blog as long as I don't take names :) Here it goes:

We were sitting in this restaurant and this girl was facing a mirror. The word RESTROOM when seen through the mirror started with MOO and made sense. So she forgot that it was a mirror and was trying to read the whole word. Soon she figured out and told me what she was trying to do. We smiled. I tried telling her that Leonardo Da Vinci used to write his diary in mirror writing. Then the conversation:

Me: ... You know abt Leonardo Da Vinci, right?
Girl: Obviously. What do you think? Just the other day I went and saw The Aviator in the theater.

:O for the people in India - The Aviator is the latest movie of a certain Leonardo DiCaprio :))

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