Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Information unsuitable for the little ones
I was visiting a fellow techie's web-site and noticed a link saying "Finger Me" (for those who have been untouched by the finger protocol you can read abt it here). Yanyways, curious that I am, I tried to "finger him" and the response said - "Sorry, you do not have the adequate rights to finger me."

I was discussing this with Sid and he asked me to try out the command 'man woman' on Unix. Curious that I am, I did that too and the result was 'No manual entry for woman' :O (this coming from the otherwise "epitome of decency" Sid is a shocker)

Wow! Just when I thought that the social guardians would never bug the techies I'm being forced to think otherwise. The day is nigh when programs will have to get scrutinized by a moral interpreter to remove un-needed comments (sorry, that's the worst techie pun I could come up with). Parents will soon keep their children away from programming languages and the World will be a happier place :)

P.S. we also make use of commands like cp (sounds like 'see pee'), cd ('seedy'), mush, man, head, more. I don't even want to think of the endless possibilities of irking the moral police.

I have a fwd on "Why men love Unix" :p If the Shiv Sena and the other Moral police really understand those commands, then we sure have a storm brewing :)
i guess i am smitten by tech-isms - i read your comment and the first thing that came to mind was Java, courtesy the usage of brewing :)
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