Friday, January 28, 2005

A Joke Gone Wild
This post is going to be a tricky one but moi shall try (ah! the rocks I try to push, ah!). However, before I get to the incident, I have to crack a very lame joke my dad cracked. Consider it to be the flashback in black and white before the movie proceeds:

Dad said that the secret to his and mom's happy marriage is that he is the boss of the house. Mom only decides the petty things like "what food to cook", "which schools to send the kids to", "who to keep in touch with", "which relatives to love and which ones to dislike", "what to buy and what not to" etc. etc. etc. All the major decisions of the household are, however, taken by dad, like "Whether India should go for the SAARC summit", "who should be the next president of India", "whether Bekham should come back to Manchester United" etc. According to dad, this simple delegation of power, has kept Mummum and him happy.

Though silly, moi quite liked Bubin's joke and tried telling it to a girl I met in someone's house. I had just started with, "Bubin feels that the man should take the important decisions" and this girl jumped to defend all woman-kind. "How can your dad say that?" she started. "That's so chauvinistic ..."

"Na na," I tried defending my dad. "Lemme complete."

"How could you not say anything when your dad said this?" she started again.

"Arre baba it's a joke. Let me just complete. IT'S A JOKE."

"I don't find anything funny in it," she fought back.

"No no. The punch line is yet to some. The humor lies in the fact that my mom actually 'is the boss' but my dad still ... you know what never mind," I remembered that someone once told me that the only thing worse than a bad joke is someone explaining it.

Moral of the story: It's just not funny any more :)

It IS funny...Coz that's what my dad keeps saying!
err can i use an emoticon? :-D
of course you can use an emoticon. it's a free country, ooops web :)
If Man is the Head of the house;
Women is the Neck. She can turn the Head in any direction she wants :)
woman is the neck that pulls the man by the neck tie :)
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