Monday, January 31, 2005

Look No Further
Sunday afternoon. Indian grocery store in San Diego. Beautiful girl searching for something. Geeky guy searching for ginger paste. She looks up. He looks up. Their eyes meet. Her look turns angry and I look away, visibly flustered.

That's when it struck me how differently men and women react to a simple situation like this. If two sets of eyes meet, then both parties are equally at fault (?) for whatever eye-candy theft has taken place. Yet, the immediate reaction of the female form is to assume "he was leching at me" while the male specie gets taken aback with the thought of "Oh no! She must be thinking I was leching at her". The irony is that the crime committed by both parties is the same and so is the evidence the jury has against them. Yet, one instantly assumes the role of the guilty and the other, of the victim. This is also the same reason you can see women stopping men on the streets and shouting out "What were you staring at? Huh! What were you looking at?". Has one ever seen the opposite happen? Where a mustached guy is found shouting at a shorts-sighted girl, screaming "Yes Miss. Why were you looking at me? Why?" Not me.

Seriously, sit in a coffee shop and keep staring at a girl and she'll soon whisper into her friend's ear abt the "pervert in the adjacent table." But find a woman staring at a man, and he's the one who'll get all jittery. We instantly conclude that something must be wrong. What is it, we wonder. OK! The zip is locked and I do remember shaving both sides of my moustache. I'm quite sure I dint pick my nose. Why is she staring at me then? What's wrong? WE NEVER ASSUME SHE IS LECHING.

So, to the lady in the grocery store, "I agree you were pretty. But you were pretty wrong too."

He he! Reminds me of my whistling monkey story :) But other than that one time, not many complaints. (Yes, I'm counting my blessings).

I've often asked the question of my female friends "So what's the difference between staring and looking?"
The answer, though, is still elusive...

Love your puns! :)
Lol...Sagnik, your blogs really are so freaking hilarious! Gather that you are from James - wonder which batch. I never knew you in school days (moi was in Cal Boys), but pple whom I know, vociferously proclaim knowing you...were you at Gopa Sen's tution or something?...whatever...
And btw, R'jesh, that one on Schrodinger - you might as well suffix that sadist thing with a 'leching'...
Yes, so it's official Chili ice cream and fried ice cream exists.

Biplab, I was in 1997 batch. What abt you? No, I wasn't in Gopa Sen's tuition. For that matter I was kept away from all tuitions that could remotely aid my social life :)
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