Friday, January 28, 2005

Looking back
Every blogger at some point feels the need to justify the purpose of his/her blog. A friend of mine mentioned that his blog helped him look back at the way he and his thoughts evolved with time. Having not possessed and therefore not put too much of thought on this blog, I decided to go back and do the same myself.

I started blogging in May last year and just finished going through the May and June archives. They alone are suggestive of the fact that I have changed quite a lot. The change, however, is like the "hair style effect" Mr. Thambudorai had told us abt in high school, where you don't notice your hair growing on a daily basis and the only way to notice the change is to look at yourself after big gaps. Blogging allowed me to take this big leap in the mental process. Most of my initial blog entries were abt film reviews, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the film-class I was taking, links to news articles and bitterness abt G. A quick scan of my recent entries will not find any of these topics, sans the occasional mention of G (I think I spoke too soon coz I'm finally going for Aviator tonight and might post the review tomorrow). These days, however, telemarketers, family info and smart-Alec-ish yet not-so-smart quips are the major topics of discourse.

Yes, Mr. Thambudorai was right. The hair does look different.

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