Monday, January 03, 2005

Lost In Translation (cheeh! couldn't think of a more original title)

One of my best buddies, Ronny, used to write a most entertaining blog at one point. Like most of his desires this one has gone kaput too but there exists a translated version of his blog in Spanish which Google offers to translate back to English. I did that (yes, yes, yes - moi is jobless) and the result is quite entertaining. I present the original version and the translation of the translation. Check out the sections that I have put in bold (specially the fan-tastic part) :)


Thank you, gentle reader, for your loyal and unswerving support all these months. I am discontinuing the blog, because, frankly, after V. stopped reading it, it's just no more fun writing it any more. I have started writing a cricket blog, for the fans of that sport, so please check in at http://cricketperson.blogspot.com to see what you think.

Translation of translation

Thanks, amiable reader so that its loyal and unshakeable one maintains all these months. I am stopping blog, because after lazy V. frankly, to read it to writing of that, its only nothing else amused more. I have begun to write criquet which blog for the ventilators of that sport, thus please registers http://cricketperson.blogspot.com to see what you think.

I'd never thought my defunct page receive an overwhelming flood of visits from S. Nandy's blog: for those who did, thanks for dropping by. I'm terribly sorry not to provide any new material on either of the two blogs, but I have been busy, and as the post suggested, V. no longer reads it any more [thus robbing me of any incentive to write the damn thing]. One last observation: nearly all my hits came from .edu servers, which proves that if nothing else, the engineering MS/PhD mafia is still rock solid. Happy new year, and feel free to get in touch at ranajit@walla.com.
Ranajit "Ronny" Dam
PS: Pornob is a self-absorbed, clueless prick, and if anyone wants to challenge that, you're welcome to come to the Bay Area for a bare knuckle fight.
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