Sunday, January 09, 2005

Meet, greet and a treat
During this trip I attended one and half weddings (the half being the reception of a friend who returned to India for the first time after her marriage). Yanyway, Bengali weddings are supposed to be a great place for matching prospective brides and grooms. What the shaadi.coms and zillion matrimony columns fail to do - these social gatherings do it in ten minutes over a piece of chicken and dripping rasgullas. So hat's off (ironic given that both the guy and girl finally wear a head gear during the wedding) to these people.

It is easy to identify "these" people. The clothes and jewelry speaketh before the person doth. The girl has to dress up in the most ornate saree and wears all the jewelry the family possesses. That will hint at what the guy is likely to receive during his wedding. The girl's mother will be standing just next to the girl - performing the initial screening before the girl meets the suitor. The guy will be accompanied by his mother too. He, however, should also sport a whiff of nonchalance. A "whiff", mind you - a breeze any breezier might do added harm.

The two parties will first identify each other. Given the described dress code they can easily spot each other or they might use a common moderator. The moderator will introduce the two parties, make it evident that the singles are more than ready to mingle, then say a line of greatness abt both - "This is ChomChom, she is a brilliant student and you should see her paintings", "This is Tota. His company is planning to send him to Nigeria next year. Very bright. Just last year he was in Bhutan." etc. The guy and girl start smiling by the end of this introduction and look at their mothers, waiting for the talks to proceed. What follows next is a whirlwind ego battle where both mothers plunge into the ring with achievements galore:

"He is very well mannered. Even today he had a party in a five star hotel but I told him that he HAS to come here and he came."

"Oh! My daughter too is just like that. She doesn't get any free time. She is planning to go to US next year, naa? So she is studying all the time. Plus, there are her dance classes. Just last month she performed in Orissa."

"He knows karate.'

"She cooks Chinese and Italian."

"He was Mr. University."

"She was Ms. Kolkata."

"He does blah ... blah ... blah"

"She did blah ... blah ... blah"

Very amusing. Very effective. Very nice :)

so who did they hook yuo up with?
:(( i am always the silent (ok, maybe not that silent) observer. the beauts and their mom's have never been impressed by me or the fact that i probably eat the maximum number of rasgullas out there :(
in some cultures (ie, ours) that is considered a sign of virility
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