Sunday, January 23, 2005

No heat without a match
Well, well, well! You get back what you give. Back in high school I was fairly notorious for the conception and execution of some really wild practical jokes. We used to be a mad group of 5-6 guys and did things that formed some of my most exciting high school memories. But that was when I was young, young and young :( Now, seven years after leaving high school I'm being paid back with interest. A friend just informed me that she is going to put up a profile for me on MyDesiMatch.com :( (BTW the site itself is hilarious.) Now this friend knows enough abt me to make the profile sound genuine and is also gifted with a rare twisted sense of humor to make me appear completely obnoxious. I spent an hour pleading her to forgo the idea but it seems "naughty_boy_1978" can't be held back ... and if you think the nick name is going to be the most damaging aspect, think again. Here are some other things that I've been told abt my profile (I still haven't seen it myself):

Catchy Phrase for me (why does a site even have such a section): Scratchy face for he (this is supposed to sound like "catchy phrase for me").
What I want in the girl: She should dance and sing for me (No, no, no)! I also want her to have mercy ...
My Hobbies: Singing and dancing.
Searching for: Women, but will consider serious men as well.

So if you ever come across this profile of mine, (coupled with the fact that I have made my photos accessible to all and sundry courtesy stupid photo blogging) please ignore. Moral of the story - getting screwed doesn't necessary mean that you are getting sex ...

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