Sunday, January 30, 2005

No Kid-ding
Everybody says they want to be a kid again. The reasons are manifold - some like the sheer joy of being pampered while others long to relive those moments when every decision was taken for us by others, making things so much simpler. I would love to be a kid for all these reasons but there is an added incentive as well - a kid can get away with the most obnoxious statements without a single tarnish on his/her reputation. Your three year old cousin can call your fifty three year old aunt "fat" and everybody in the family will laugh it away. "He is so innocent na?" the fat neighbor would exclaim. Your cousin's mom would exhibit a fake round of reprimanding, "Cheeh! Jojo, don't call anyone fat." "It's ok baba!" the fat aunt herself would defend, "As if he knows what fat is." What???

Just imagine your girl friend asking you how she looks in her new dress and you replying "slutty". She doesn't bring the house done but starts laughing and her friends tell her "Isn't he soooooo sweeet. Poor chap, he doesn't even know what a slut is." NO!!! That NEVER happens. For that matter, I even get blamed for stuff I genuinely don't mean. Every now and then G used to ask me abt her selection of clothes. Ignorant with the nuances of fashion I would sincerely say, "It looks nice." "No seriously," she would shout back, "Tell me what is actually going on in your mind." See now that never happens with a kid.

Enuff. Time to go and get some diapers.

forgive me if this comment touches the wrong chord...for I was never the person who understood the subtle nuances in life...was just wondering what does it take to heal the pain that is caused when a relationship breaks up...sure there is no rule book and even if there is one, I do not for one think that it would provide long-lasting solace...but then I guess that at some point its the rationality bit in us that make things more bearable...life's like that...
hey, not a touching issue it at all. actually the question really made me think and i almost thought of making a full post out of it.

i agree with you that the pain probably never goes away. it stays somewhere and every now and then it peeks out. memories act like wind to this fire. so the escapist route is to free the mind of memories. GOD has been kind to give us a mind that has a small temporal memory. so as new things happen the old ones get pushed back to the corners. with time we stop visiting those corners and we "feel" the healing has happened. but do these memories really fade awasy? i have no clue.
thanks for expounding on things so personal...for each one amongst us is unique and very different from the other and hence react to matters of the heart with varied intensities...but as they say...time is the greatest healer as are people (friends and family) for which we shall always remain indebted...am I being overly emotional on this extraordinarily lazy and cold Sunday afternoon...may be...anyways be well and have a good day...
zillion $ statement - people are very important. the company of ppl you enjoy is the best remedy to a depressed mind. it always cheers me. yanyway, have a nice (albeit cold as you mentioned) Sunday. btw, do I know you?
na na ekdom i noi...smiles...tobe na moner ichche moton anonymous posting er liberty ta nichhi...proshno gulo mone elo...tai jiggesh korlam...on a serious token, tomake chinle ki oi kotha gulo bolte partam oto shohoj bhabe...bodhhoi na...
wow! Bangla! wow! your Bengali acually reminded me of something funny. shall post abt it later. for now the hungry engineer shall go in search of food :)
funny...hmm bujhlam...
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