Monday, January 10, 2005

No U Know
I'm not sure who's been quoted more number of times on this blog - Mark Twain or Ellen Degeneres? Whatever be the case, they are both phenomenally funny. Yanyway! Ellen Degeneres has this brilliant piece on the use of the phrase "just kiddin". She felt that it is one of the most loosely used phrases. e.g. you tell someone "My dog broke his leg" and they say "what, you must be kidding?". Ellen's point was that what kind of a kidding anecdote would involve breaking your poor dog's leg. Obviously the person wasn't kidding - and that makes the question a stupid little one. I feel another phrase that is hugely confusing and a tad bit unnecessary is the now hugely used "You Know?"

My sis uses this phrase as a sentence starter for every second sentence and her friends seem to return the favor as well. I was watching this interview of Amisha Patel and she was doing it too. "You know what happened that day?" Obviously I don't know - coz you aren't even telling me which day. "You know how he is, right?" Do I? Maybe I don't. Why assume things? "You know na, how he behaves in front of my friends?" ... "You know who I saw?" ... "You know the Indian audience wont accept it". Who is this all knowing "You" that's supposed to know everyone and everything? It's definitely not me. You know that, right?

"y'know" is bad enough in itself, but when teamed with "like", its positively murderous. Y'know, like, when guys, like, say y'know, this stuff and you like want to, y'know slap them.
yes, i know ani :) my pt is if you are assuming i know everything you are saying - then we can save the whole converation, right? but this is still leaps better than the Hindi+English phase my sis and her firends had where they started by saying "pataa hai kya hua?"
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