Sunday, January 30, 2005

Old Whine in a New Bottle
The previous post was abt the things kids can get away with and now it's time to bring the old into the picture. Person in question - my dad (though he won't take too kindly to me calling him old:) ) The "old man" does things and gets away with them simply because Mummum jumps to his defense and says "Baba, with age na ...".

You can try bugging Bubin during the cricket match to get a taste of what I'm alluding to. This relative asked Bubin, "Who do you think is better, Sachin or Lara?". Neither did Bubin look away from the TV nor did he even acknowledge the question. The question was bowled again. Bubin then looked at the relative distractedly and nodded saying, "Yes! True." and went back to watching TV. Instantly, Mummum jumped to Bubin's defense saying, "Baba he is seriously getting old. These days he just doesn't pay attention to so many things." The relative bought the argument instantly and even sneaked in a little criticism of her own better half, "Seriously. Even my husband does the same thing. The other day ..." A long story would follow, finally ending with the line "These men, seriously. Had it not been for us ..." No damage done.

It's not that Mummum has to defend Bubin. He uses the "I'm aging" alibi to perfection on his own as well. Bubin loves pulling pranks on my grandmother (mom's mom) and often gets the darling lady quite upset. But just when Mummum is planning to enter the battlefield, Bubin would smile and say "Seriously. These days I have no idea of what is inappropriate. I'm getting old na?" Mummum can't fight that and once again no damage is done.

I seriously feel youngsters (yeah! baby, that's us) need some alibi too. The best one I can think of is "Pressure of work is too much." but that's another post. Stay happy!

Remember what happened to Goldilocks?

We will be swaying so much between the excesses of the very young and the very old, we'll end up rocking the chair to pieces. And then we'll get the blame too!

Reminds me of the story of a couple who had to attend a whole lot of cocktail parties as "requirement" of the husband's job. Being new to the area they did not know anyone, but they had to appear animated to make a good impression.
So they started telling one another fairy tales in turn, dramatizing it for effect. Unfortunately, one of those sudden lulls fell on one party just as the wife was saying animatedly to the husband: "Guess who I found in my bed?"

Cool story! Me still holding my tummy! :D
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