Thursday, January 27, 2005

Perils of being a grad student # 109
Point: Office gossip is sooo much more exciting than lab gossip.

Proof: All office gossip starts with lines like "The other day I saw my boss and his secretary ..." or "... this really hot girl has joined my group and ..." or "We have this really cute guy who is after this girl whose husband is our project ..."

Lab gossip on the other hand is of the nature - "The XYZ deadline is coming up. I don't think A's paper will get accepted ..." or "Did you see the laptop his advisor bought him. It doesn't even have a ..." or "I think her gpa is more than her boy friend's"

The lawyer looked at the judge with a whiff of arrogance. "I rest my case Sir, I rest my case," he said.

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