Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I mentioned the difficulties of direction providing in a post yesterday. This one is a follow up, this time marking my personal stupidity. A small word of starters though before the main entree follows - I'm completely directionally challenged. It took me three months of staying in New York before I figured out how to locate a freeway exit. So it is no surprise that I hate driving alone; unless I am aware of the destination, which in turn implies that I must have been driven to it by kind friends (thank you Vipul, Sid and the likes) at least ten times before. Now the not so delicious entree arrives.

A friend visiting San Diego for the first time asked me to pick him up from the Airport. Now it is very easy to reach the Airport from my place but the way back is a lot more complicated. So I made this (in)famous statement - "Man, I don't mind dropping you to the Airport when you return but I can't pick you up from there. I don't know the way back." !!!!

If you have missed the stupidity its OK. I told a fellow graduate student this story and it took her a while before she figured out that irrespective of whether I'm picking up or dropping the person - I have to travel both ways.

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