Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Say it isn't so
Back in school good ol' Nileen would keep asking people to say the word "epitome", claiming that almost everybody mispronounces it. Over the years I have actually asked lots of people the same and verified Nileen's claim. Yanyway, my darling sis seems to have taken this issue to new heights. The girl is doing her MA in Sociology in Calcutta University and claims that most people in her class barely (rarely) pronounce words correctly. Saying this she took out her notebook and showed me a list of hilarious mispronunciations that she had jotted down. So all credit and blame for the remaining post goes to Pummy. Here are some of my favs from her list:

indescribal (indescribable)
selor (sailor)
fevrary (February)
sweetable (suitable) - Pummy claims that this is a class favorite
pen (pain)
estemed (esteemed)
campash (campus) - I don't believe this
emazine (imagine) - can't emazine this one either
R.N. Tagore - this is not a mispronunciation but some girl apparently calls Rabindranath Tagore R.N. Tagore, which I think is really funny.

What amused me even more is that Pummy actually notes these down in class which definitely makes her the most jobless member of our family.

"most jobless member": thats interesting, coz it just made me realise that no one in ur immediate family actually goes to "work".

on the other hand if ps cud be considered a "job" - then everyone in mine does! funny, na?!
one of my favorites - bhijjard which actually stands for Wizard. Back in bits, someone I know tries using Windows XP's voice recognition s/w, sits in his room screaming "Open the Bhijjard" some 50 times and finally declares that the voice recognition software is a piece of shit! :)
yes, chitra - given dad's retirement and moi who-knows-for-how-long student status the entire Nandy family is "jobless" now and I am not doing anything to change that either :( So if you feel charitable and want to send me expensive gifts you are most welcome :)

Rathish - at some point I was working on a voice based project and it was amazing fun to make the American Text to Speech converter pronounce Indian names e.g. Rathish would probably need to be spelled as Ruhteesh to even come close to the actual pronunciation - it used to be great fun.
Hey would that converter help people stop gasping for breath when they hear my name? :P
But the best till date is my US return PM, trying to say "Wow!" at an important pause in his monologue - All he managed was "VaaaaV!" in his effort to ape the Yankees :p
Hey Kumari, long Indian names are a delight - even the short ones. I stay in San Diego wich is just next to Mexico - so a lot of Spanish is used. So al "j"s are pronounced as "h". So a friend of mine called Rajiv was called "Rahiv" here. Another friend Vineet was called "Vine-ate". These are the easy ones - so just imagine what will happen to the difficult ones.
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