Sunday, January 16, 2005

Never tried doing this but I'll try to present a snapshot of what I am seeing and hearing in the house right now; coupled with the thought process it's producing ...

Dipu is on the phone. He is sounding happy and loud. It must be a girl I conclude. My bed and the crumpled comforter on it. I haven't folded it in ages. Sub walks past me. His shorts are amusing ... or maybe I am just easily amused. There are a zillion things on the table - envelopes, magazines, pizza coupons with all the prices ending in XX.99 - reminds me of Bata shoes. Some acne ad coupon with Vanessa Williams on it. Am I the only one who used to get confused between acne and acme???? A book on Computer Architecture. Suddenly someone's alarm clock rings - no it's a cell phone. Sid's girl friend. Dipu is in the balcony ... so Sid is scouting around for privacy. He chooses to go hush hush instead. Sid and I have similar socks. Is that a matter of concern? The wireless router blinks on incessantly. It's like it's winking. Now I'm not catching anything else but am generally looking around to prolong this post. That's a signal to stop. BTW, I figured that Dipu is talking to a guy. He is still sounding happy and loud. Whatever.

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