Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Supposedly Original (or so I shall claim) Musings # 203
After the emotion dripping last post :) (yeah, last night there was no smiley happenin) some lighter thoughts:

  • I have participated in discussions so dumb that I wished I was deaf.

  • During lunch yesterday I saw this Indian girl who looked a lot like me (not flattering for either one of us) except for the beard and moustache. I am clean shaven you see.

  • I don't judge people. It's much easier being bitchy.

  • For potters and stoners "grass is not green on the other side"; for them "grass is the door to the other side"

  • The only "refreshing" thing that happened to me today was thanks to Internet Explorer.

  • Ari informed me that he is the zillionth person to proclaim his love for Sania Mirza. I asked him not to create a racket.

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