Monday, January 17, 2005

Survival in USA #103
The Telemarketers never offer you a free lunch - so don't expect it.

These saccharine coated voices on the other side of the phone (and often on the other side of the World) will never have anything for you that you need. So beware. "... You have been chosen for a special offer. You have been pre-approved for our credit card that gives you 0% APR, 100% money back, no-interest ever and will be given a brand new car and annual subscriptions for PlayMan ... and as a promotional offer we will give you the cheapest calling card to India." STOP! YOU ARE NOT THE CHOSEN ONE. You can still hang up and save yourself a lot of precious time. However, if you are still not convinced, hold on to that receiver with glittering eyes till you hear the addendum, "... we will just need your bank account ... but you can also give us your credit card details ... or ..."

On a related note - if a letter is addressed to "The current resident", THROW IT AWAY!! Don't ask, don't wonder, just chuck.

But a fellow grad student and ex-roomie used to READ those things and has now got himself an array of credit cards in all colours and varieties which he uses with gay abandon. I'm wondering if he's on to something.
Hey life of Telemarketers from across the World is at times funny. Yours truly was one for some 6 months, selling an unheard of Credit card with an unfathomable APR to all having bad credit :-D There was this Pakistani who realised i am from India with my 'Yankee accent', put me on speaker, talked to me in Hindi about AB and Madhuri Dixit,and asked me to come to USA for studies. He was willing to help me get my visa as i made his entire family ROFL with my Hindi :) He actually bought the card to make me happy! Long Live David Ibrahimi :p:p (this comment is longer than your post. Sorry 'bout dat :-D)
aha! that's the second incident of kindness towards telemarketers that I've heard - the first one was abt some guy ordering two copies of the same newspaper coz the telemarketer sounded totally dejected when he said he already gets the newspaper.
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