Friday, January 14, 2005

Taste-less love
Lines from a poem (?) Pummy (my sis) read out to me this morning:

"Baby, I'm spicy, I'm ur fish fry
If you don't eat me I'll cry cry cry."

This is what I call food for thought.

unless i'm very deluded..wasnt there that song...'i am your fish fry..i am chicken fry...kabhi na kehna kuchh..hai hai hai.'
wasn't there??
oh sure there was - this was a phase when i used to be a final authority on all Hindi music - name of the movie - Rock Dancer; music - Bappi Lahiri; produced by Bappi Lahiri; *ing - Javed Jafrey, Kamal Sadannah and Govinda and Samantha Fox in a special cameo. The song went:

You are my chicken fry, you are my fish fry
Kabhi Naaa kehena kudiye bye bye bye
You are my samosa, you are my masala dosa
Kabhi Naaa kehena ...

Incidentally, I saw an interview of Bappi-da and he said that the third line was to appease the vegetarin audience base :)) BUT the song I posted is a diff and more perverted one I think.
hmmmm..Dr. Lecter would approve. Trust our hindi film lyricists (or aspiring ones) to cut to the heart of things without much attendant fuss. What a sublime melange of food and sex. I'm wafting up to Epicurean heaven. Was thinkin of extending the poem, but desisted when I realized I'd not be able to avoid the words chocolate, truffles and thaiyr sadham (the three most potent aphrodisiacs on earth, I'd say,) and also references to actions other than "eating" that can be performed with the mouth, thus making the poem unfit for a pristine blog such as this. :))
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