Friday, January 14, 2005

That Guy
I have officially been relegated to the status of "That Guy". You know that guy - and if you don't you will by the end of this post ...

Yesterday P and I went out for dinner where P was discussing her love life and its various perks and problems with me. That's when I realized that this is the fourth girl in recent times that I went out with who has a boy friend (or husband) and I was becoming "that guy". "That guy" who women know is a man but thinks of him as a woman :( That guy who doesn't remotely appear as a threat to the respective partners of these women. That guy who women can say the line, "Do you think I will look fat in this dress?" to but who never gets to go out with the girl when she is actually wearing that dress. That guy who will walk the aisle a zillion times as the best man but will ever be "the man" himself. I once read that every girl wants a "gay male best friend" and "that guy" is the best heterosexual replacement :(( Noooooooooo! I don't wanna be that guy ...

To end with one of P's statements from last evening. "Sagnik, you are different. YOU ARE NOT LIKE THE OTHER MEN I KNOW". What? Why? I wanna be just like the other men :(( Get the beer, chicken and stack of dvds - it's time to be a normal man again.

hmmmm...a kindred soul at last.
It goes back to the caveman times actually.
zark was the one doing all the paintings of the bulls and trying to invent something stupid called language.
gula-gula found this irresistible. Communing with him was, for her, a transporting experience. Well, the conversation was a bit mono-chromatic- this was still before nail polish and spaghetti tops after all.
Anyhow, there came the unfortunate incident about the sabre-toothed tiger where zark could only philosophize about the potentialities of existence whilst gula's existence almost lost it's potential.
At this point came snark- he who was to become the prototype of the other men, whom zark was not like, and proceeded to deal with the said sabre-tooth in a more efficacious manner.
Gula saw the light. Thereby setting a pattern which thousands of years of genetic evolution has done nothing to weaken.
So, there you have it.
It looks as though people like us are fated to have a tough time of it. :((
profound, very profound :)
Ahh, my brothers, fear not - for our time too shall come.
As of now, the women lust after the beer-guzzling slobs who give mankind a bad name. Let them.
Soon, having been completely defeated and devastated, when they realise (painfully) that men are impossible to change - when the passions have cooled, and the hormones stopped raging - when they realise that they were barking up the wrong trees all along.

That is when they will come back. All we have to do is hold on till then.
Think of the power you have to affect These Guys.
That Guy shapes posterity with every slice of advice.
Ani - just one question - WHEN?

bridal (and she will not be named):

These Guys have the women, that brings them a smile
That Guy is blogging alone, and'll do it for a while
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