Saturday, January 01, 2005

Truly Random
I went and watched Dil Mange More (yes, I pretty much watch everything). The movie was mediocre. I don't like Shahid Kapur, which, according to Bubin (my dad), is due to the fact that he is dating Kareena. I don't buy that explanation. Yanyway, the highlight of the movie was Tulip Joshi, who I think is extremely gorgeous. Much before her debut in Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai Ronny and I used to love her in the Smirnoff ad and the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan video. I had supported her in Ms. India as well but her beauty dint find too many beholders there :( (A little more trivia and I can find a connection to the next funny thing that happened.) Apparently the name Tulip was not Indian enough for the Chopras and the damsel was launched under the screen name of Sanjana - and now the connection has been established:

The other day Sanjay, moi and this very pretty girl called Sanjana went out for dinner. Now I have to mention that I am terrible with names - there are a zillion funny stories abt that but let me not digress. So we were having dinner and talking abt a range of trivialities. I mentioned that certain names automatically associate an image in my mind. I don't know abt others but I can't imagine a non-pretty Sunayna or a feeble and fumbling Ranjit. Similarly, I can't imagine an overweight Lisa, Sirisha and Tilottama or an underweight Gablu. A cocky Sulekha would be another example. While all of us were chipping in names and images we associate with them I thought abt Tulip and mentioned that I can't imagine a non-pretty Sanjana either. Hearing this both Sanjay and the girl started laughing and I looked completely fazed. Seeing the blank expression on my face they reminded me that the girl's name was Sanjana too - that's when I realized how cheesy that last statement would have sounded. So I jumped to my own defense and mentioned that I'd actually forgotten her name, which obviously dint help the cause much. Now that's what I call a faux pas with a Capital F. Hmmmm!

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