Sunday, January 30, 2005

What clothing item is my writing?
I saw my last few posts and figured that I have lost my love for brevity. Spoke too much :( I always wanted my writing to be a mini-skirt, courtesy the childhood description that "it covers all the important points but still leaves the imagination open. Short yet sweet". So I'm no longer eligible for that :( So what is my writing?

Dress? No, Seldom does the whole piece flow well together. That's not me either :(

Saree? My writing is not transparent and linear and definitely lacks the quality of being "traditional yet contemporary". So no again :(

Denim? Maybe. I guess it fades away fast. But then it doesn't run in the jeans :)

Spaghetti top? Maybe. I often get the feeling that the main body of my posts are supported by two flimsy points.

Post getting long again.


First time here, and laughed my head off! Shall be back here for more medicine soon (as in laughter is the best... etc) :)
thank you, thank you - please do come back and bring your family along. i shall try to be a very good host. you are free to bring in gifts and eatables too along with you :)
dhush eto bhabte hoi naki...jokhon India te thaktam...hmm ekhon theek mone porche na kobe tobe kono ek shomoy e budhdhadeb guha er kono boi te porechilam je "thought is a frightful thing"...khub bhul bolen ni...eta to blog...blog e nijer moner kotha likhbe...joto khushee likhbe...jake bole "let your heart speak"...foucault ke jiggesh koro...bolben structuralism holo joto shomoshsha r roots e...hehe...
very true again :) however, i think a lot and often abt things that don't much thought maybe. that's me :( also the more you think the more reasons you get to think ...
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