Monday, January 24, 2005

What's there for dinner?
I have mentioned movies aplenty on this blog; ranted incessantly abt men, women and animals; revealed some not-so-closely protected family secrets; gushed sad tales of a broken heart and re-quoted quotes of the greats. So I was wondering abt stuff that I haven't touched here and realized that one such topic is FOOD!

Now, coming from a family where my dad once made tea with turmeric, this should be no mean surprise. I come from a family that, sans Mummum, is "cullinarily challenged". My sis recently started making cakes. The hard dough-based substance that results from her attempts is already in high demand amongst neighborhood masons. They say it's nothing but another brick on the wall. I don't recall having seen most of my aunts cook (that might also mean that they don't like cooking for me which in turn would mean that they are mean). So when I moved out of Mummum's kitchen's reach, everyone, including me, was scared.

However, with time I've learnt some basic secrets abt cooking, which I shall now share:

1. No matter what I do, potato can never taste bad.

2. No matter what I do, salad can never taste good (unless of course I add potato to it).

3. People (this includes Mummum) who begin teaching you a recipe by saying, "It's very simple, you first ... and then you ... and then ... and then ... and then ... " will never be of any help to you.

4. If everything else fails choose an apartment mate who is a worse cook - and thank Einstein for the theory of Relativity.

5. Never replace sour cream in a dish with fruit flavored yogurt. It's no longer a sweet situation.

6. Always have cereal and milk in the house - there's a high chance of all other options failing.

Shall end with a proof of point 4. My apartment mate Subs is a deemed bad cook. He once called up his mom in India and said, "I just have potato and egg in the house. Is there anyway I can cook chicken?" Bravo.

Two words - "Ramen Noodles"
Two more words - "Acidity problem" :(
Thirteen words: "Consult the greatest desi pasta cook you know on a first name basis."
or just find out from me on how to cook the authentic bong delicacies...i shall definitely help u out..
Haha... that I can understand about cooking... I once made some drink(still dont know if it is coffee or tea) and gave it to guests when Mom was away, and told them that I didnt know what I gave them!!
People still laugh over it.. :)
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