Wednesday, February 09, 2005

An Actor's Delight
At what point in an actor's life does he/she settle for an infomercial? Seriously, I don't wanna sound caustic but if you are featuring on TV at 2 in the morning, trying to sell a set of 10 shiny knives where one pays for only one of them and the rest come free - I don't think you are in the zenith of your career. Come on! I am no great actor but to be in an infomercial you just have to know how to look surprised - "What???? The fifth knife is also free?" Please good woman. If a man has offered you three free knives in the last three minutes the chances of him making you pay for the fourth one is slim. Even a stoned Anna Nicole Smith can guess that. "What???? This pen will make me write 2.75 times faster?" "What???? This lawn-mower will help me clean my car as well?" No, seriously - these actors look shocked even if someone says "You can pay by credit card." "What????? Not only do I get ten knives, I can also pay by credit card? Awesome" they'll add.

Hmmmm! I should seriously stop complaining abt being a computer engineer - Any day I'd prefer doing what I do now over selling a tread mill that fits in a suitcase - or so I think :)

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