Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My sister often spends Sunday mornings scanning through Matrimonial Ads in the newspaper. She has no plans of marriage but claims that the ads are highly amusing. Pummy even feels that she is qualified enough to serve as a "Marriage Ad consultant", having knowledge on innumerable tricks like - if you are short then give your height in cms, if you aren't good looking call yourself smart, if a guy earns less, then just give the number of digits in the salary etc. etc. etc.

Taking cue from Pummy, I visited an Indian matrimonial site this morning and checked out the profiles of some men and women and here are some things I observed:

1. Most men call themselves "adventurous" and "fun loving".

2. A whole bunch of women start their personal descriptions by saying "It is very difficult to describe me in a paragraph ..."

3. A lot of women refer to themselves in third person e.g. "Saheli did her bachelors in ..., Saheli has a big dog ..., Saheli is your dream woman."

4. Most women want "someone who can understand me" but the men normally ask for a "beautiful homely girl with values"

5. Quite a few people (both men and women) give their descriptions in CAPS for no reason - I AM FROM DELHI AND I WANT TO MARRY ... does this make the statement more emphatic?

6. The most common hobby for men was "traveling" while women settled for "movies" and "listening to music". I think this will come handy - if the wife is boring the man can travel to greener pastures and the women can frequent movie theatres to avoid matrimonial cacophony :)

Enuff research done. Now I will get back to Decentralized Computing Systems.

Well, believe me, Matrimonial columns are really hilarious. Every sunday, my mom reads out columns from the newspaper...we have great time laughing !
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As always, the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up! :)

Reminds me of my pet peeve - people describing their ideal match as someone with a good sense of humor. Seriously, does anybody on this planet believe they have a bad sense of humor? What kind of a qualifier is that? Bah!
@debalina: oh in my house my sis reads it out to all and sundry, often embarrassing my dad

@megha: my sis told me that a lot of people use acronyms in print ads to save money and good sense of humor is often written as gsoh which is an anagram for Gosh!
Why does Saheli have a big dog? Why not a cat, or a kitten? Also, it's funny when pple I know claim to be "committed" on ORKUT. Really, for guys...who cares? Chicks obviously won't harry you if you single...duh?!
As for matrimonial columns, my dear Dimma (mom's mom) has this habit of going through the matrimonials in Anandabazar Patrika and matching up the patros and the patris. She would then proceed to call up Ma and tell her about how this boy on column 3 would be perfect for the girl on page 4 column 5 and so on!
@Urmea - your dimma is doing a phenominal service to mankind - i read this article on cnn where a cabbie in new york asks his single passengers for their profiles ad then matches them - i knew i should have used more public transport

@Biplab - I would have loved to say something bt the orkut thing but can't - not so long ago I used to have a committed as part of my profile coz it was a two way deal :)) so i have lost all rights to comment on this matter :(
u shd have seen them during the tech boom .. it goes like " Working for MNC,Living abroad , Skills :C++,Java,Oracle blah blah "
Hey Chava, Actually pretty much all the ones I visited today also had working for MNC (or father works for MNC) etc. As far as skillset of techies is concerned one my profs is an Indian and he was telling us that after the burst he saw ads where tey mentioned "Software Professionals Don't apply" :(
Hehehe....guess what i had on my profile?
"If you can keep your head while others around are losing theirs, then you are the Man i am looking for." (or sth like that!) Of course, Dad made me change it after some time :-D
hey, which site did you have ur profile on? i should check out - till date i have just seen online profiles of three people i knew and two of them were hilarious when you compare the profile with the actual person :)
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