Thursday, February 10, 2005

Baby's Day Out
Years ago when Bubin would leave for work, he would lift the little but plump me up, make gargling sounds while rubbing my nose and ask me what I wanted him to get me from work. I always chose balloons. The colorful blobs of nothing provided all the air a little boy needed I guess. Then, once he got back from work, we would perform our daily two minute father-son act. "Did you miss me?" he would dotingly ask and I believe I used to make bad imitations of grumpy faces to show my anger. So what do you think made me reminisce abt my Daddy dear, early in the morning? My apt mate X and his girlfriend!!!

X is a role model for all boyfriends who have their lady-loves residing miles away in India. Every morning before leaving for his lab he picks up the phone and gives Y a good night call. They start with hushed voices and cryptic mischievous smiles. Once in a while, between singing midnight ballads, he turns and I see his glowing face. Then, just before keeping the phone down, he does the "You sleep well. I'll miss you. No, I'll miss you more. No, I'll miss you more ... nooooo I'll miss u more" routine. Finally, he leaves for work. Late in the night, he comes back home, switches on the TV and calls her up again. The TV is just used to avoid me from overhearing the chirping of the love birds. Yet, if you work in the drawing room like I do, you are bound to hear the occasional "I missed you soooo much", "Have you taken breakfast", "If you don't say 'that' I'll not talk to you for two days ... just joking I can't even imagine not talking to you for two hours!" :)

Dad, I miss being pampered by you :(

I guess people never outgrow mush :)

Bubin=dad? Is it Bengali?
Bubin=Dad, Mummum=Mom, Didan=grandmom (mom's side), Amma=grandmom (dad's side) ... and none of these are Bengali words ... and I have no idea how we settled on these names in the first place
onek onek smiles...
an equal amount of onek thank yous :)
When i was in kindergarten, Appa used to come home much before Amma so he used to make coffee for me and we will play football with my big red ball!
Aah...those days :)
Btw, a cool comments page:)
High time i tinkered with my template too.
my dad and i used to play ping pong on our oval shaped dining table - which is a very difficult thing to do!
Aah...those days:)
i had a good friend who had an oval shaped dining table on which we played tt! (sorry ping - pong bola jai na...)

further comments on my blog - coz u'll say it deserves a post of its own!
Khub bajey!...you know how serious a problem this is? Incidentally, was talking to this rather stressed out pal at Stan (ECE)today who's thinking of applying to CMU again, after two years coz his girlfriend (and my batchmate) keeps getting rejected from Stan and has to languish at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. So, you see...it does drive sane people insane too. Of course, there's that "why me?" sigh in the end...
oh i have seen some of my friends do that - some who left good schools for bad mates who finally left them (both men and women) :(
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