Sunday, February 13, 2005

Back from Big Bear
Ah! Just came back from my skiing trip from Big Bear. It was a mixed bag. While the sight of snow was beautiful and the experience unbelievable, moi did not manage the snow very well, specially after it got inside my gloves after innumerable falls. Shall report in detail abt the trip tomorrow. Really tired now - so shall just put up three photos from the trip. Enjoy (hopefully)!

I dunno how Sid took this photo and neither does he :) but the unplanned effect of the light looks really neat (at least to me).

All of us! Thanks guys for the great time:)

Moi taking baby steps. This is how we do it! Shall put all the photos on Yahoo and link later. More blogging tomorrow (assuming body doesn't take a beating). Till then have fun and Happy Valentine's Day to all.

The play of photons did electrify an otherwise sleepy mind :)
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