Monday, February 21, 2005

A Bad Break Up
Someone said to me "I had a very bad break up" and I figured that I've heard that phrase being used so many times in the past. BUT, but, but - I've never heard anyone say, "Hey, you gotta listen to this. I had such an amazing break up. It was sooooo much fun. We decided to do it again." No, that never happens. Break ups are always bad and yet we remind people that our's was bad. That's how stressful I guess the whole thing is. Reminds me of something similar we all do in school. After our quintessential exam goof ups, we come out and say, "I made such a stupid mistake." Have you ever heard anyone say, "Hey, you should check out my Calculus paper. I made such a clever mistake." No, that doesn't happen either. A mistake, by virtue of being a mistake, is always stupid and yet we say it.

"Hey, there," the inner voice interrupted me. "Just a sec!" I replied. "Lemme just publish this post."

"This post is so stupid and it's a mistake," the voice hummed. "Tana na na na na ..."

If you are telling people about pain and pathos, the attention span is terribly low… so nothing like ‘emphasizing’ the point…

And besides, most people hate it when they have to admit to their mistakes… so this whole attempt at emphasizing is so that:
a) The two negatives, becoming a positive become true… so terrible, mistake… may not be a mistake at all
b) You actually believe that the person is lying to you… lot of people admit to a truth, so that the other person does not believe them
c) It also takes away the focus from the real issue, say break-up to the “bad, terrible, heart wrenching” etc…

the word is found - pro-found :)
'A Bad Break Up'.. i look at the title n the size of the post n the evil person that i am,wondered,"What the?Our man here has jus shortened some action packed break-up scene into 2 paragraphs!!Niiice;)"anyways,nice thinking though!:P
@anon - well, I do have some 2 paragraph "bad break up" stories as well but if posted here will earn me a "bad beating" :(
Its sorta like the term 'Dept of Communicative English' - whats non-communicative english ? Not quite an oxymoron, but moronic nonetheless !
@Vignesh - that's a cool one :)
But I made an amazingly clever mistake in my Differential Equations midterm. And a hillarious one in Semiconductors. And a brilliant one in VLSI Design... face it, I'm just ahead of my time.

By the way, some of the English I've seen around in the blogosphere is definitely NON-communicative. And have you ever tried reading legalese?
hats off. clap clap. u r the one - like Keanu :)
Man, someone from Mount Carmel should see this... will get my ass whopped. They actually have a 'Dept of Communicative English' ;)
Is it also the reason people use the word "loser" in a lot of contexts but I've never seen them use "winner".
Excuse my denseness here :)
very true!
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