Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Before I go to zzzzz!
Two small incidents before I go to sleep.

  • A friend shared this incident with me and I found it absolutely hilarious. His friend, who has recently joined a company in the US, was in an elevator and his fly was open. An American gentleman, also in the elevator, whispered into his ears, "Dude, your front door is open!" The guy, having no idea what that meant, calmly looked at the gentleman and said, "That's OK, my friend is still in there."

  • The second one is a three line chat I had with my room mate when he returned home.

    Me: Guess what.
    He: What?
    Me: I dunno, that's why I asked you to guess.

  • Comments:
    Your blog is what the doc prescribes :)
    Had a bad moment, walked in and now i am flashing my million dollar smile for anyone who wants to fall in love with me today!
    Rofl !
    You are funny...atleast the way put across the stuffs .its funny !!
    @Kumari (I've learnt the @ trick from u): thanks, please post if some guy did become richer by million dollars :)
    @Debalina: thank you
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