Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bengalis and Bengali
Thank you Rajesh for reminding me :)

This incident just came to my mind. Last year my sis Pummy was visiting me in San Diego and we were taking the bus to the university. Now Pummy and I normally converse in English because (a) it's easier to be nasty to each other in English and (b) she needs the practice :)) (see it's so easy being nasty). However, Bengali turns out to be an amazing camouflage when people from other places are around and we need to discuss "personal stuff". So Pummy and I were sitting in the bus and this almost Indian looking girl was sitting in front of us. So Pummy nudges me and says quite loudly in Bengali "the girl almost looks Indian but I'm sure she isn't". So the girl smiles at Pummy and replies back in Bengali saying, "Yes, I am from Bangladesh. Where are you from?"

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