Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blog List Updated 

Well, I'd been thinking abt doing this for quite a while and finally kinda did it (this is what made me do it). "Kinda" coz I'm sure I have missed some out. When it comes to blogs, I still go the old school way and just visit things from memory (no I still haven't indulged in blogrolling). So this list is mainly for others who visit my blog so that they can find similar blogs. I had a good mind to arrange the now-long list of links (it's visually jarring) or at least give them more appropriate names (like Ani or Happy) but that shall be done when I hit a new level of boredom.

Yes, link love is important for us beginners ;)

Thanks for the title changes ! Nice neat RSS in Firefox now.
Yup, the feed is neat now. But the blog itself is inconsistent with respect to the previous posts. The older posts now have a title very different from the new posts.

Of course, replacing the <h2> </h2> tags on the title with <strong> </strong> would fix that (if you wanted to, of course). So not a big problem. :)
Hey Rajesh, I think I like the h2 heading more coz they look more like a heading :) Lesse one of these days I plan to do some template changes to the whole thing but it'll probably be in a few weeks. So bare with me. Cheers.

A public proposal to strip? I'm disappointed in you Mr. Nandy!
aaaaaah! mom, dad, sis, ex girl friends and now rajesh - growing list of people who are disappointed in me :((
"the cheap King"...*nods in disgust*.... you keep the "cheap" and I "the King" ...and yeah..add me to the above list you made in the prev comment:)

And to think Mr Nandy was all dandy about my blog:)
@gvenum - Oooops! The "cheap king" was courtesy ur 2 cent value :)) i just agreed to ur self evaluation and for that Mr. Nandy gets accused - what has happened to the blogging community
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