Thursday, February 03, 2005

... and while on forwards
Why just feel bad for people who create "forwards"; have you ever thought abt the spammers? Every day we get like a zillion spams. Now someone has to create those mails. Also, since spams are created with "commercial intent", I'm guessing there are people who are employed for sending spams. Just imagine such a job interview.

A: Mr. B, I was just going through your resume. It says that you have two years of experience in the spam industry. So what kind of spams do you specialize in?
B: Well, Sir. I've had extensive experience in "Male enhancement" and "Free Software" based spams.
A: I'm so sorry. For this job we are specifically searching for people with experience in the "lonely housewife" sector.

What else can the interview be like? And what does the resume of such a candidate look like?

Skill-set: Fast typing (can generate 10-15 spam mails in an hour), Have full working knowledge of three major spam blockers
Honors: Sent out 40 spams in a single day that went undetected by all the major spam-blocker, have a customer strike rate of 1/10000000 with my spams.

Combining this post with the previous post I have only one thing to say - The next time you get a spam - don't just delete it - forward it to others - coz it's someone's creativity we are talking abt :)

Since you were so kind as to offer, I will henceforth forward ALL my spam to you :-)
Sivani, even if 5-10 people forward me all their daily spams I will HAVE to contact you for those gmail invites you mentioned :)
LOL! Spam is good, especially when one tends to get bogged down by mundane day at work sort of scenario... I espcially liked the one that said, "This quiz tells you, if divorce court beckons?" I need to know that! :)
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