Saturday, February 12, 2005

... and if you are realllllly bored
Check out this lame outcome of a "certain challenge" I had with my apt mate Sid!

:)) aah..too damn hilarious!!u write really well..who ever sed u write too much!:) kanthi
:)) aah..too damn hilarious!!u write really well..who ever sed u write too much!:) kanthi
Ki kando!! Mrs. Hingorani...eye kon dhoroner naam? E je Sekkhopear-er-o bodnaam!
And Kanthi, dude, agreed that this blog is a social recreation kiosk, but you really think that it isn't updated a wee bit too frequently (Sagnik, don't mind:)).
Ah well, the blogger is also a PhD candidate...!
duto kotha na bole parlam na. first, what on earth is gasconading?? second, i actually DO know someone called rajat dave. amar school ey porto- rather, LMB te..one batch senior to me, interact er president chhilo. heh.
2 batches senior actually, Rajat aamader aager batch-e school captain chhilo.
Oh - lot's of explnation! Antara gasconade is a one of those strange words that i somehow like - so use it lot from school days coz i like thik there is a nice "tararampam" feel - the word means boasting

i also know a rajat dave but he is not the LMB one and neither is the story based on him (i hope he doesnt read this)

finally the name Mrs. Hingorani has a significance too - just after school we did this play for the radio - and it was an Indian adaptation of an American play. the original had a meddlesome neighbor. So were wondering on some Indian name that is funny, can sound meddlesome and is unconventional and i came up with this - snighdha singa who played the character dint forgive me for it :)

Kanthi - thanks a lot man!
goppo ta mondo noi...tobe "certain challenge" er essence ta peyley aro bhalo hoto...arekta kotha...drunken revelry r goppo na shuniye eta bolo je Will mohashoi ki tomake hitched korte parlo...
Oh Will Smith was cool and the movie was cool too! as far as the challenge is concerned - let's keep that a secret still :)
well well... is this true - i have a feeling it just might be...

by the way at g.d. birla - our vice principal's name was Mrs Hingorani!!
na na, the story is a complete work of fiction - barely influenced by people arnd me
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