Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bragging abt Ragging 

While chatting with someone this evening I remembered 'ragging stories' from my undergrad days. Ragging is no strange term to the desi population, but for the few non Indians who care to look at my pseudo confused random thoughts - ragging is pretty similar to the ordeal a freshman goes through in US before getting initiated to a frat house.

It was Fall of 1997. Four nervous wrecks were trying to make their way to the local market. They were following the Golden Rule - "try to blend in". However, the full sleeve shirts they were wearing, coupled with the oozing apprehension of getting caught, proved to be too much of a pressure on the feigned confidence.

"Hey freshers," we heard a voice scream. "Yes! You four boys," he confirmed. We tried to ignore the shouts till the raging volume became so loud that pretending to be deaf would only make us look dumb. Soon we found ourselves in a small room, where three guys in lungis (Indian clothing item resembling a ... hmmm ... towel) sat awaiting us.

"You sex?" one of them asked me.

The next ten seconds witnessed a deluge of thoughts cross my mind. I had no idea what the grammatically flawed sentence meant. He probably was questioning my virginity but I couldn't help but wonder if the sentence was actually a proposition. Thankfully, for me the answer to both these questions was an emphatic "No!". I think the guy meant the first option because he got down from his bed, smiled his scarily white teeth out and said, "Good, good, me too!" The worst kind of camaraderie spirit had been kindled and I could feel the heat of the situation.

The next 30 odd minutes saw my self respect being diced into tasteless mince meat. I shall save the details and even the summary of the torture, but just imagine this - one of the other three guys being butchered with me in that slaughter house was Arvind Aiyaar, a six feet two inches tall and fairly wide man. The least embarrassing part of the "event" took place when Arvind was asked to perform an exotic belly dancing act to assist my crooning of a "rustic" number. Do you really want any more details??? Do you??

"What are you writing?" Sid asked me. "My blog," I told him. "On what?" he fired back. "You Sex?" I retaliated. He's dumb struck.

Ha ha ha :))

Thank you, your blog cheered me up.
@theleaner - well, ur comment cheered me up :) thank u.
Arey.. I was asked the question "What's your father?"... I, not having any clue whatsoever that the senior meant "What does your father do?", replied,"Hmm.. A male homo sapien". The rest of the evening ... was... not fun at all :(
Oh this almost reminds me of the oft quoted mythica ragging tale where some senior exclaimed "How come!" and the newbie said, "By train sir" :))
:)) And didn't you TOTALLY TOTALLY swear that when you'd be in second year, you'd DEFI. DEFI refrain from such lowly behavior?...of course that would change post fresher's night, right?
Seen Rockford?
@Biplab - you couldn't be more right :) Arijit, reading this blog will vouch for the ordeals poor chap had to go through :)
My fave Q was the oft-repeated lore of "Guess my state?"...grr..the answer was unanimously just that one state from South India:)
@Kumari - I think all BITsians get that a lot and that was the only time in the last ten years when I could name every state of India in less than one min :)
Shaggy, I just let u do u r so called ragging....i used to enjoy it thoroughly and promised myself that i shall not derive any sadistic pleasure at the cost of my naive juniors, once I had the luck of being their senior just by virtue of a d.o.b. - Aviroop made up for me in his extreme crude ways..and we instead started ragging our own batchmates in DK and SB...remember them!
@Ari :)) I still remember a crying little boy shouting "Leave me, leave me" :)) Muhahahahahaha!
hahahaha.....except that the cryin little boy tricked u guys into treating him at ANC....muahahahahah
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