Monday, February 07, 2005

Chilly tales
Got off the phone after talking to one of my elderly relatives. Now this grandmother-ish relative is a doll, except when it comes to her knowledge of all things non Indian.

She: So how is the weather in California?
Me: It's pretty nice. Not cold at all. It actually gets pretty sunny during the day.
She: What? It's not cold?
Me: No. It's never cold in California.
She: What? But Rupu's husband said it's very cold in their place.
Me: Rupu's husband stays in Michigan. That's like a different part of the country.
She: But it's all in the US, right?


Hmm, and Kashmir and Madras are both in India.
no no - i think this lady meant that she thought that the whole of US is cold - a thought that is strongly influenced by the complexion of the avg American - aha! that reminds me of something worth a post - thanks Sivani :)
Yes, just like the average American think all of India is hot all the time. They wouldn't consider that there's a difference between Madras and even Delhi in winter.
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