Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Colorful Interview 

Ari recently asked me to post something on the extremely colorful professors we had in BITS. There were a zillion stories that came to my mind. So I rewinded a little bit to reminisce abt teachers from high school and a zillion more stories came to mind. So I rewinded a little bit more, just a little bit more, and this story came to mind.

The year was 1982. I wish I could describe how green the grass was and how fresh the winnowing breeze smelt. Sadly, I don't remember any of that coz I was only four years old. Mummum was preparing me for the big bad kindergarten entrance interviews. I've been told that I was trained just a little bit more than what dad was for his engineering examination. Mummum dint want to take ANY chances. So I was taught everything - counting numbers till a zillion, saying "Good morning" when I entered the room, saying "Thank you and Bye Bye" when I left it, "My name is Sagnik Nandy and I stay in 79/28 ...", ..., everything. The actual interview went pretty smoothly I believe (I don't recollect one bit of it). The principal of my school was especially taken aback by my dexterity with colors. I knew that the egg was white and the orange was orange. The cherry topping came courtesy Mummum again. I was carrying a purple bag with me (why? why?) and Mummum had anticipated that the principal might ask me the color ... and he did ... and I answered, thereby bowling over the brilliant Mr. Mason with a yorker. Yada yada yada - the school gave me admission.

Two weeks later my dad's friend's son, Bublana, was scheduled for an interview in the same place. Bublana's father, Arun Uncle, asked Mummum abt my interview and Mummum mentioned the color trick. That's it. For the next two weeks a four year old Bublana was taught every possible color that existed - red, green, blue, yellow, burgundy, lilac, maroon, what not! Sadly, like my laptop, a child's mind has limited memory. Bublana it seems forgot everything else but these colors. If rumors are to be believed, on the day of the interview Bublana kept saying colors of everything. They showed him a number card and asked him what number it was and he deftly replied "Green". The letter A with an Apple drawn next to it was identified as "Red". The final blow came when the principal showed Baby Bub the picture of a colorful umbrella and asked him what it was. Without a blink, the little boy said, "Rainbow Color" (and I'm not making this up).

HAHAHHAH !!! Oh you evil evil man !
colorful indeed...btw, did Mr. Mason show an equal fervor and open the gates for him...
@Vignesh - how am i at fault? all i did was to strive for quality education :(

@Anon - something very funny happened with Bublana - he dint get in to my school so his father tried for some other school. now, that school was full for kindergarten but they offered Bublana a seat in class I and he took it. Bottom line - he graduated one year before I did, even though he is my age :(( true story.
Angel Face(age 3): Doddamma (mother's elder sister), what's your favorite color?
Me (age none of your business): Green. What's your favorite color?
AF: Pink!
AF (5 mins later, for the 14th time): Doddamma, what's your favorite color?
Me: Rainbow!
AF: That's not a color!
Me: Yes it is, it is the prettiest because it has EVERY color.
AF (pouting): But I want it to be MY favorite color.
(Runs off to her mother)
AF: Mommy, guess what my favorite color is?
Chellelu: What, my angel?
AF: Pink AND Rainbow!
@Sivani - that was sooo sweet :) i still remember my excitement when i learnt abt VIBGYOR
reminded me of a joke i read in RD, wherein a kid seeing her brother changing clothes for the first time exclaimed, "mom, come quickly, bro's barefoot all over!"
only kids can come up with such exquisitely natural expressions.
Good that u didnt play "color Color ...what color" game with AF :)
@Dharmendra - oh! you have reminded me of so many things my cousin used to do and say. maybe i'll post some of it. yeah! kids speak st from the heart and that's so endearing.

@Chava - I dunno abt Sivani but AF would have beaten me hands down :(
:) Made me to smile and remember the time when I was preparing my young nephew for the same kinda interview.

I was not present at the interview, but afterwards the Principal told me that he mixed all in either shapes or color.

A for Apple was told - Red
Zero and Clock was - Round & Circle.
Grapes - He asked the Principal, if she can give him some.

Finally when asked about the sports he liked, he said "Ladai" (Fighting)

anyhow he got the admission
@Hirdu - All's well that ends well :) This reminds me of a friend of mine from my quizing days - he used to know everything abt the answer except for the answer so if the answer was "India" then he'll say, "oh, oh it's this country, it's in South East Asia, its capital is New Delhi ..." :)
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