Friday, February 11, 2005

Counting Chickens after they are fried
Well! Blogger seems to have finally updated it's servers and this morning I could check how many posts and words I've written. I was quite surprised to see that I have penned down (or is it keyed down?) appx 97,000 words (!!!!!). A further approximation, assuming an average of 300 words in a page of a decent sized paper-bound book, means that this is like a 325 page book. Given the title of this blog - that's a large amount of randomness and confusion!

It did? I have the same ol' boring profile page still! *sobbb* No fair!

And yeah, it is a leeeetle exhausting keeping up with the frequency of your writing :) We are admittedly jobless, but we still gotta pretend to work from time to time, don't we?
bas, it's official - people have made me feel terribly guilty abt my blogging frequency - with ters pouring down my cheeks i decide "Not to Blog anymore till my next blog" - that's it
My profile still says just 1 post and 140 words :(
So much for my research :p

But hey! you have no freaking Write to stop righting...or is it the other way round? :-D

See, one should never hurt li'l girls, they become unablanced(intentional error) :p
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