Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Dash of Ash
I believe millions of people are waiting to read my views on Ms. Rai's appearance on David Letterman :) So the honest (though biased) reporter shall give an account of what happened:

In came Ms. Rai with a smile so fake
Ten mins of fake giggle, I barely could take
The dress was OK but the jacket was too brown
As she laughed for no reason, like a circus clown
The lipstick appeared distracting, specially the shine
But it's women's make up - don't value any opinion of mine
Ash did a good job with some answers me feel
But I wish they had chosen a better clipping reel
To promote the bride without prejudice in mind
They needed a better clip to avoid the Friday grind
In places she was witty, giving tit for tat
How I wish the interview had a lot more of that
Instead they spoke on abt India and the cultural gap
Rai did well with these questions - not falling for the trap
However, the interview soon tread the path mundane
Bottom line, wouldn't want to see this interview again!

your blog is probably the most entertaining one i read.
coming from you, that's a big compliment - any more excitement from my side will harm both our prospects of getting a better half :)) seriously, i should just save this comment and sell it on eBay (hmmmm, how do u sell a comment) when you get the Nobel ... so for my sake get it fast :)
wow... that is very well written... u r superbly talented yaar... take up writing as a career..
Purrrfect! :)
thank you Megha and Anonymous (nice name)
r u a poet,
if not then what?
a mere meddler in verse
is what he truly is
be it blessing or curse
(i'm sure) we'll hear more of this!
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