Saturday, February 12, 2005

An Evening Well Spent???
Well it seems that the skiing trip has been postponed till Sunday. So we did what any fun loving Indian crowd does on a Friday night in San Diego - went and saw a movie :( The movie in question was Hitch, a romantic comedy. Now, now - quick word of advice - if three guys go by themselves on a Friday night to watch what is being touted as a "Valentine's Day" movie - it's a BAD IDEA. People either think you are queer or you are sad - both of which are bad. So after the movie got over we decided to bathe off the dirt of romanticism with the soap of alcohol. We hit a bar and asked for something "exotic" and were served something called "Raspberry Fu*ker", a drink that apparently was quite heavy in alcohol. Now, for the few who don't know - I started drinking only six months back - so I have no freakin clue abt what's heavy and what's not. So while Vipul kept telling me abt how strong the Fu*ker actually was, I kept thinking abt this kung fu movie I had seen where some guy fought in the "drunken style". I want to make a revenge drama where an Indian guy wants to learn Kung Fu to avenge the outsourcing of his job. He finally meets a Chinese guy on the road and tells him "Mastah mastah, teach me rhombo kung fu da" and the fella replies back saying "Me no kung fu mastah. Me also software engineer from cell phone company. I can give you good deal on long distance calls."

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