Thursday, February 03, 2005

Excuse me please?
I have loads of work to do but am slightly screwed up in the mind right now! Bottom line - just can't work. So, I've been thinking abt random things and this post is the result of one such random thought. I gathered that when people are angry they say things which actually don't mean anything but we still feel threatened just because they say it in an animated way and with time we start getting intimidated by these statements.

1. Don't rub me the wrong way.
OK! Two questions - (a) How am I rubbing you? and (b) Is there any way you can rub the person in the right way? Coz if there is, I for one would not mind doing that.

2. You are taking me to a place you don't want to see me go.
OK! Simple - Don't go there. How come I'm not going there even though you are heading for it? For that matter if you do reach that place, don't worry - I'll wait for you and drop you back to your place.

3. I am this close to losing "it".
Loosing what? Seriously. Mention this statement and the listener gets all scared abt the speaker losing the mythical it. For that matter even if the speaker loses "it" why should I care. He/She should then go and find back their own "it".

I have so much to learn :(

Lose it to me!!
I'm bored, so I'll give you this rhetorically correct cum major pain-in-the-ass answer to your query - 'it' signifies "sanity" here.
Guys use it either when their girlfriends have just dumped them or their egos bossed over and squashed by their advisors/project leaders. Girls use it when they are 'about' to dump their boyfriends or just plain want more attention and caress (which of course they always want 'more' of - just that now, they want 'more of that more').
So, both beware and be aware!
Also, many 35+ married couples suddenly start speaking in English (if the fight is serious)
Arrey, Just chillax! I know the problems are complicated but there is a solution. Just listen to Rock Dancer- the movie...Oh nevermind, I lost your cassette.
and now i feel a lot more learned :)
Aah, see, this is just what I was talking about! (Different conversation though, so don't worry if you don't know what it was that I was talking about.)

People hear something, start repeating it and then add or deduct bits and pieces, until you're left with a garbled load of rubbish.

Don't rub me UP the wrong way: If you've ever rubbed a tetchy dog's fur in the wrong direction you will know *exactly* what this one means - that's if someone would actually use the real saying instead of the bastardized one.

Another example is "we need to flush out this idea." Which sounds like you want to get rid of it, and in a rather rude way at that. Instead what they tried to say is "we need to flesh out this idea," meaning build upon the bare framework like a sculptor adds clay to flesh out his sculpture.

How about "blessing in the sky" instead of "blessing in disguise," "cheap at half the price" instead of "cheap at twice the price," "doggy dog world" instead of "dog-eat-dog world" and on and on. (Really, I can go on if you want me to :-) )

Ooh, before I forget, the typical Indian one:
"Sale till stocks last" instead of "Sale WHILE stocks last."
There is a reason Sivani why I call the link to your blog on my blog-list as "Info Galore". That was genuinely educating. thanks.
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