Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Follow Up Post
Sivani's comment reminded me of something quite interesting. So thanks Sivani :)

What I meant in the post was that this old relative of mine was of the notion that the entire country of US is under a cold wave, a fact that is often inspired by the average complexion of Americans. Years ago my dad used to stay in Ohio for a while and he apparently went back home fairer than what he was (I doubt that story too). Yanyway, this "fair assessment" reaffirmed the family's belief that US is a cold place and if you go there you become fairer. Years later another member of the Nandy family (read moi) came to the US and fell in love with Sunny California - a land full of beaches, surfers and toned women lying by the pool side. To enjoy California you have to enjoy the Sun. This led to considerable tanning and raised multiple well drawn eyebrows when I went back home. "You used to be fairer," my grandmom exclaimed when she saw me the first time. "Are you eating right?" She was almost willing to believe that the aliens had abducted her beloved grandson and left a shoddy tanned clone.

BUT the whole incident has led to something even more hilarious. Now that my grandmom is informed that tanning is natural in CA, she uses this knowledge to her advantage. Every time other relatives comment on my "dark secrets" Didan will jump to my defense. "Tell them Jinku (one of the zillion sobriquets I have) abt how people actually pay to get tans there," she would say and smile, gleaming in the knowledge only she is privy to. She is a darling.

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oh i face that one too and then there is a standard "do you have foreign girl friends", "so do you plan to settle in US", "do you get Indian food" etc etc etc
Sorry I deleted that initial comment by mistake. Anyways...yups...the girlfriend thingy is always there.
Oh listen to this...overheard this in a conversation between my Ma and a certain "Aunty"...
"[cheleykey] bairey pathaccho pathao...shudhu danati ketey pathio"

I really had to put it in Bangla - there's a certain deep and philosophical and grungish metaphorical pain in that "dana ketey" thingy!...sigh...polly wants a cracker!
brilliant! so u are like a little penguin now :))
Yeah, and learning to fly.
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