Thursday, February 17, 2005

Food and sex ... oops! I meant the opposite type
There's a basic difference between men and women when they go to eat in a restaurant. Pretty much all men assume, after a certain point of time, that they WILL get fat, so they actually eat. Women on the other hand are far more fussy abt the amount of food their body shows. "Any extra ounce on the lower arm and the sleeveless red top I bought the other day will be left untouched." "I'm allergic to shrimp. I get pimples," she'll add. Bottom line, they care a lot more abt what they eat. With time I've figured out that the trick for the opposite sex is to eat without actually eating much. Moreover, women have mastered the art of shopping, giving them an amazing ability to question the properties of anything. "Does the chicken come with red sauce or cheese?", "Can you not add mushroom to the 'mushroom with broccoli'?", "Do you have any idea if the pudding contains low fat milk?" - I've heard them question in the past. Add to that the American joy of customizability ... and that's it! G and I used to frequent Subway and this is what we used to order:

Me: I'll take the Chicken Onion Terriyaki six inch. Yeah! Gimme any bread. OK! Any cheese will do. Just tomatoes and bell pepper please. Yes, you can add salt if you want. Thanks!

G: I'll take the veggie delite. What kind of bread do you have? Is the Italian herbs and cheese good? No! I think I'll take the wheat bread ... one sec ... hmmm! Okay! Yeah, the wheat bread. Give me a little bit of mustard, just a little bit. Fine! Swiss cheese please. Just two strips. Thank you. Can I get it oven toasted? Thank you. Okay. I'll take tomatoes, just three strips of bell pepper please. Yes, lettuce too. No black olives. Can you put a little bit of oil. Just a little bit ..."

Point proven.

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