Wednesday, February 09, 2005

From the shuttle
The university shuttle is fast becoming my fav place to think. I can just sit back there, observe things and relax. Just now, while returning from the university, I was sitting in the shuttle and observing how the parallel lanes were disappearing to triangular forms. That's when three signs caught my eyes - AHEAD, SLOW and STOP; signs that I must have seen at least a thousand times. However, this time I noticed that if you leave the first letter of these words you are left with HEAD, LOW and TOP ... and if you are Ahead it gets into your Head, if you are Low you go Slow and if you are on the Top you just Stop!

Maybe I was just thinking too much :)

And if you tie up the 3 letters you chopped off, you get - ASS!
That was awesome! Wow!
As it turns out - I wasn't thinking that much :)
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