Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Generation Gap 

Well, well! I alluded to the increasing Generation Gap a few posts back and some of you kind souls agreed. Things are changing so fast now that we almost have bi-annual generation gaps. "Look at her, she is wearing pants that were cool in August and it's February now! She so needs a makeover," you hear the lip pierced, arm tattooed, hair braided, bra showing, six pocketed, high heeled teenager exclaim. So here is a list of some of the many changes that people from my generation (and I'm not that old) can identify with. I belonged to a time when:

  • The word multiplex sounded like a psychological disorder.

  • The World Wide Web wasn't that wide.

  • Reality TV was a distant reality.

  • Having the same girlfriend for five years meant you are the man. Now having the same girlfriend for five years means you are gay.

  • A "few people" wrote "diaries" as opposed to "everyone" writing "blogs".

  • Mahesh Bhatt directed movies as opposed to giving interviews.

  • The word metrosexual didn't exist.

  • Pagers existed and were supposed to be cool.

  • Cafe's served coffee and not Internet

  • Salman Khan was shirtless and acted as a college kid - Ooops! Salman is still shirtless and acts as a college kid. I guess some things never change :)

  • Comments:
    :O what are u doing awake NOW?
    I was writing 'diaries'...i so miss having those imaginary conversations with Alvin (my diary)! High time i brought him back to life i guess :-D
    oh, i sleep at 2.30 in the morning :) a sceret diary - hmmmm! that sounds like a al-vin-win situation.
    Ahh... I should get hold of my diary for the summer of '96 and let loose. Man, would that piss of some people ! But I guess you would see a lot of that in SD. Pittsburgh, was as bad. A bit better off than CA I guess.
    Guess what? The amount of blog-hopping n commenting the 3 of us have been doing all thru the day/nite, i feel that we were sitting in one of those run-down cafes and sharing thoughts over insipid, lukewarm coffee, bad music, noisy banter all around and still feeling happy for some strange season...*sigh*
    Why does everything has to be so ethereal?
    whatever u do, never even try to make fun of sallu or even harish and for that matter kishen kumar...and yeah i havent changed on these matters....
    @Vignesh - 1996??? :O man that's like 4 generations before me :)) (just kidding - it's actually just three)

    @Kumari - given the diff time zones we all are in the cafe better serve good coffee to keep us awake :)

    @Ari - I'm soryy to have hurt your sentiments - given a chance i shall make sure to repeat myself (coming up - shocking tales abt Harish) :)
    "Look at her, she is wearing pants that were cool in August and it's February now! She so needs a makeover,"Ah, the pleasures of San Diego...
    If she were living in this part of the country, it'd be more like -

    "Look at her, she is wearing pants that were cool in August and it's February now! She so needs thermal underwear."

    (Don't blame me if the above comment makes no sense.)
    @Rajesh - it so makes sense - i went for undergrad to a place which was freezing cold - but then even with thermal-wear you have the reds and the pinks which were "in" in summer and the lilacs which ar ein now and ... :))
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