Monday, February 07, 2005

George of the Concrete Jungle
Everybody has done it. At least thirty blogs (and I could have exaggerated on either side of that number) I visited, at some point, had something or the other on The Apprentice - the grandmother of all reality shows. So it's time I usher my views on this show too.

I wanna talk abt George Ross - the guy who plays Trump's "eyes and ears" in the show for the simple reason that Mr. Trump's hair hinders both these senses of his. Now is it just me or do other people feel sad for George as well? I know there is Carolyn to give him company but she seems to enjoy the limelight and glamour. George on the other hand is seventy five plus, looks like a man raised with a daily dose of business breakfast and appears totally bored for most part of the show.

Just imagine you are a man has who has spent years in the industry as a lawyer. Then you join hands with someone as big as Donald Trump and help him get real with his real estate. Finally, one day Trump calls you to his office and says, "Ok! I have a new job for you George!" Your eyes glow up - you are a man who loves challenges and so does Trump. "Is it the Tumpet Tower broker deal?" you enquire. "No," says the Donald. "From next week you help me determine if some guys are doing a good job of selling burgers, if some group has over spent when buying toilet seats and if some girl crossed her limits when she dropped her skirt in public. What say?" What are the chances you'll feel the "Wow"s?

Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie
Fired the guys and made them cry
Even when the girls came out to play
Georgie fired them straight away

*cackle cackle* Georgie would have loved that pome!

And hey, isn't Survivor supposed to be the granny of reality shows?
Frget Georgie, I'll be more than happy if the few people who read this blog like it :) BTW, the idea for my post on Apprentice came from a post you made - so if you say Survivor is the grandmom - Survivor it is
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