Thursday, February 17, 2005

A gift for someone u love
Two months back a guy was returning back to US from India. In the Delhi Airport a young girl was shedding a few tears for her boy friend. The guy, a tender soul, had a few drops of saline moisturizer in his eyes too. Just after repeating "I'll miss you and I love you" a hundred times, when the guy was about to leave, the girl surprised him with a bouquet of flowers. The guy promised to treasure the flowers forever, threw a few aerial kisses and left. What a sweet story, right? NO - coz the guy happens to be my apt mate X.

For the past two months X has kept the bouquet on the kitchen table and refuses to throw it away. Not that I want him to throw away his memento BUT I just want him to keep it in his own room. A whole bunch of crazy flies come to feast on the decaying flowers every day. It's non-stop party time for them. The red is red no more, the green is crumpled and the only thing still fresh abt the bouquet is the pink satin ribbon around it. Why can't X just keep the stuff in his room? Why couldn't the girl give him something to eat - then "We" could have relished it instead of the flies. Why couldn't she give him a movie DVD - we could have all seen it? Why couldn't she just give him another girl to prevent him from feeling lonely? Do you think X would have still kept the girl on the kitchen table for me to smell her, as opposed to treasuring it in his own room? So many possibilities, yet ... ouch, another fly bites me.

fly bites!! that is new.

Dude .. now that u have blogged abt it .. u might as well tell us who X is and send a link to his girlfriend. I am sure she'll send in a fresher bunch/ a dvd/ a clone.

and i remember this lady u talked abt with the eating disorder. it was part of the "what pilani food does to you" tour. what was it ? a tomato for breakfast and orange juice for lunch. :)

Awww... True love happening right under your nose and you complain of fly bites! :)
Not to take away the focus from the pain and suffering in your story, but do flies bite? Thought only mosquitoes did that.
@sanky - well X stil wants me to keep his name a secret. even after reading this he refuses to discard the flowers :) btw, as far as the Pilani girl it was "Either" a tomato for breakfast "Or" orange juice for lunch - never both on the same day :)

@soupy (hope u dont mind the name) - this is one love bite I don't want :)

@megha (and also sankenth) - after tons of research I found out that these creeps are called 'fruit flies' (as it turns out they eat flowers too). i had earlier (eons back) made a post on how menacing they are
You need one of these.
urmea - i know u dont like my puns but can't help but saying that your suggestion will put more pressure on me :)
Ouch, no I like the puns (though I hate paan), but you are the um pundit - so I shall er stop trying to be punnier than thou.
{slinks away shamefacedly}
thou thou aaro pun thou (my lame attempt at Bengali punning) :)
Unfortunately all of this is reminding me of a scene from 'Karz' that never failed to make me giggly. {As an aside I had a friend who was so nuts about Rishi Kapoor that she rented Karz some n times in class VI}

Basically Tina Munim replies to some sweet nothings from Rishi Kapoor where he compared her to flowers, by saying, "Yahan phool be hai aur bloody fool bhi hai".
oops, that reminds me of a gross undergrad pun. we had this girl in college with a slightly big buttock and some people named her "B-U-T"full - which sounds like beautiful. aah! college days :)
I'm still waiting for you to tell us about the relative size of the other one...
Hey rajesh, which size are you talking abt?? Moi, missed the context :((
it's more like an 'S' that you missed in your previous comment :)
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