Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Good Lover
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it's time for some love advice for the men. People, there's a dangerous specie called "The All Understanding Common Friend" and you better be aware/beware of them. I've seen these people aplenty. They look like us (some of us are them) and is nice to hang out and watch movies with but NEVER NEVER NEVER leave your lady-love alone with these guys.

"You look kinda depressed. Is everything fine?" they'll soothingly ask, while offering to buy her a diet soda. Now all of us know that if you are in a relationship - something is always wrong - it can be the parents of the girl, the ex, building course work, too many flies in the house, prices of tomatoes going up, whatever ... something is ALWAYS wrong and your lady will be surprised at the sensitivity displayed by the good friend. "How do you know?" mah-lady would ask. "Oh! It somehow shows in your eyes. You have very expressive eyes." That's it - the seeds of crap have been laid and shit will soon grow. Soon he'll be the guy she confides in when it comes to matters abt you and he'll use his one lethal weapon - "I WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT"

A: I don't understand him, he seems so aloof.
B: Aloof with you? :O Well, I can't say much but if I was with you I WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT.

A: He doesn't like my cooking.
B: OK then! I think you cook the best jalebis (exotic Indian dessert) in the whole of North-West India, leaving Gujarat and Rajasthan. I have no idea how he dislikes your cooking. If I was in his place I WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT.

A: I hate his moustache.

A: He sleeps in the night.

blah blah blah - whatever ...

damn! you are on to us!

no way man, i am one of "us" :))
i'm screwed either way!

Vague question, but why must "some"thing be wrong, that too always? Can't there be a "nothing can be wrong, ever" state too?
sadly my friend i have never faced that state :( plus good ol' Murphy had summed it up well too in his all famos law :)
No way Sagnik - that's in direct violation of the 'Guys code' - i.e. thou shalt not make the move on thy friend's girl.
Na Na Ani big NO - this is a "loose" rule - a rule which if followed strictly would leave half of the dating Indian engineering population single. In India very few women enter engineering - so the only way to spread love is to break this rule - sad yet true!
He wrote about "us".
i trusted you.
looking back - I WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT.
et tu women?? et tu?
Brilliant post!! I always read your blog in the morning because the best way to start the day is with a laugh!
Bridie, I read your blog in the morning, mid day and night :) and all three times for the same reason - coz I love it.
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I started to think, then got confused, so did the Pandavas covet or not, after all?
i started to think, got confused ... and am still that way :)
One other question, seriously man, whoever heard of engineering and science guys (at least in/from India) dating at all?!
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