Sunday, February 27, 2005

An Honest Confession 

I'm sitting and watching the Oscar Awards right now and I was as surprised as any of you reading this to find out, that once again this year, I wasn't nominated for anything!

Boom! Crash! Bang!
The sound effects on hearing such heart-breaking news...
So did i get nominated for the best Background score? ;-)
@Kumari - even though that Bang! was bang on target - you too have been overlooked by the Academy :(
will the oscars always remain so very predictable...
Aww..I am so sorry to hear that.. but dnt worry..we have 'Baajuwali Gali Oscars' coming up this year on Swinhoe TV live from Swinhoe Lane.. I'll ask them to give a special award..for...hmm.. uh..err.. @_@ something !
@anon - they will till they start outsourcing it :)

@Debalina - thank you. your generosity has helped in healin the Oh!Scar.
I told you not to send that "Watch-me-while-I-blog-the-zillion-posts-a-day" video to the academy. The jurors probably couldn't finish watching it.
@gvenum - All I wanted was to get a little recognition, flaunt my polka dotted shirt on the carpet and kiss Hally Berry on stage. For that you make fun of me. Shame on you :(
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