Sunday, February 20, 2005

I am a Disco Dancer
I spent a considerable part of the evening in a night club with two million people dancing around me. For a change I had company for my non dancing state, where a girl taught me a lot abt night club dos and donts (e.g. if you are a girl, then cleavage is a must and if you are a guy, you have to buy the girl drinks). I also spent some time checking out what kind of dance moves are "in". So, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a whirlwind tour of all steps rocking:

  • Drums in the air (unisex): This one's simple and requires li'll training - just pretend that you are playing drums above your head on an imaginary drum and move your head, pretending you are enjoying the tune.

  • Getting a seizure (women): This one's a lady's favorite. Some girls were doing things which looked humanly impossible to me, it's like they were short of breath and the whole body was shaking. Word of advice - don't try this at home - with or without supervision.

  • Where's my earring (women): This one's another simple but groovy step. Just pretend that you've dropped your earrings on the floor and gently move around, looking down on the floor, as if you are searching for it. (No! it's not on the left, no, it's not on the right ... repeat )

  • I've lost my girlfriend (men): The single man's delight. I noticed that lots of men were alone and were trying to pick up women. This one's for them. Move around the club looking confused in circles, stop random women on the way, spend 30 secs with them wondering if that's your girlfriend and then leave for the next one.

  • Missed my Workout, So let's do some lunges (women): Once again, this one's for the wild ones and ONLY if you are without a guy. Go find a pole, hold on to it and start doing crazy lunges. Up ... down ... up and swirl.

  • Seeing all this I had to come up with my own move. So I suggested the "geek keystroke move" where you pretend to type on a key-board in mid air and every now and then turn (as if you are on a swirling computer chair). Seeing this, the girl standing with me said that if I did that move again, she'll refuse to recognize me. Like all great works of art, this move wasn't recognized initially :((


    When you land in the same club next week (or later),I m sure you'll see and write about an entirely new set of steps :) Will the geek keystroke move relieve all the un-ergonomic tension built up in the body coz of non stop computering!?
    Very funny.
    Very, very funny.
    Ah, like they say, you can't take a geek out of a man... even when he goes to a night-club... Sheesh! :)
    @Srini - the geek key stroke is past "tense" :)

    @bridal - thankyou@ very much, very very much.

    @soup - agreed u can't the geek out of a man but i have seen the bouncers take out quite a few geeks from the night club :)
    Next time try the "drying-your-back-with-towel-while-trying-to-put-off-cigarette-with -both-your-feet" move.. it rocks!
    Wow, that was a really good one - now that I think abt it, some of the wild couples were using the towel on their partner's back as well!
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